Psychic Readings by Sparrow Walden

Psychic Readings by: Sparrow Walden

About Sparrow Walden

I have been reading the Tarot for 17 years. I received my first deck at age 8 and studied for 10 years before I started to read professionally. I’ve always been a natural Intuitive, knowing what a reading will hold for a client before I even draw the cards. For me, it’s a deep connection to my deck. Sometimes the cards will show me symbolic images to reveal their meanings to me, which definitely makes it easier for me to explain to a client what’s going on. What I do for clients is simple. I take in what the cards tell me and give them advice based on what I’ve read. I feel that being a card Reader isn’t just about giving a description of a card, but rather acting as an Advisor. People often are coming to a Tarot Reader to gain perspective on their life and I feel that it’s my duty to present them with a judgement free and helpful environment so that they can leave knowing their situation, whatever it might be, is manageable. Clients over the years have said they’ve always felt comfortable and a lot calmer about the situation having had me there to talk them through it and give them my support.

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