Psychic Readings by Sophia Nakaii

Psychic Readings by: Sophia Nakaii

About Sophia Nakaii

I’m an Intuitive, Energy Reader, multi-generational Seer, Channeler, remote Viewer, card Reader, and energy Healer. To begin your consultation, I just need the name of a person so I can easily tap into the energy of that person or significant other. I can accurately scan energy fields and let you know what you need to focus on to improve your quality of life and well-being. I sometimes use the Tarot, but mostly I channel the persons guides and get information from their higher self. I may also use Oracle cards at times to make people feel comfortable, however, I do not require a tool to tap into the information that comes through. Helping people identify choices by remote viewing is another gift of mine. I can travel down the different paths you may take and see what you may need to know to successfully navigate to the next phase of your life and prepare for what is to come. I’m very intuitive and can communicate with most people’s spirit Guides as to what is of their highest and best good. I genuinely care about you and the quality of your life. I want to guide you to be the happiest, most peaceful, abundant you.

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