Psychic Readings by Shell Bee

Psychic Readings by: Shell Bee

About Shell Bee

Several years ago, I was gifted with my first Tarot Deck; it was the first gift I had ever received that wasn’t on my birthday or a special occasion. However, I soon began to realize it was the greatest possible gift I could ever receive! I knew what they were immediately after I peeked into their golden clothlike bag. I had always wanted some. From the very moment I touched them, we were connected. Later that night they began to show me they were listening and aware of me too. Six years later, and I’ve never gone without a deck by my side. I even give them names! Please allow me to be your spiritual Advisor and embark with me on a cheerful journey down the path of inner illumination. Together, Fiona (my newest Tarot addition) and I can help you reexamine the past, explore the future or asses the here and now.

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