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Psychic Readings by Shannon Walton

Psychic Readings by: Shannon Walton

About Shannon Walton

I am a psychic Intuitive and a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner who can help heal or bring comfort to your situation. I have also read the Tarot cards for 30 years and have a life-long relationship with crystals and stones. The combinations of my gifts and talents go well together to get to the core of what’s really going on with any question you may have on your mind. Situations arise that cause us to lose our balance. These are the times that hearing a different perspective can lead us to see another thread or another way to think. Without these challenges, we would remain static and would keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. It is my privilege to help give clarity to your situation so that you can shine your brightest. It’s hard to grow to be who we really are, and being who we are is the greatest gift we have to give to the world. Allow me to use my abilities and be who I am, to answer any question in a timely manner so you can get on your way!

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