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Psychic Readings by Serena Farr

Psychic Readings by: Serena Farr

About Serena Farr

I’m a multi-faceted Psychic, spiritual Intuitive, certified master Reiki Healer, Channeler, Herbalist, medical Intuitive, and a Tarot card Reader, If needed, I can help you gain insight using Numerology or Astrology. As a certified Reiki Master, I specialize in distance healing. I’ve had my spiritual gifts since I was young and have used them to assist others with difficult issues involving love and relationships, career and finance. My intuition has always been especially strong and I use to adhere to my creator and spirit Guides. Combined with my innate abilities, I use a number of different Tarot decks to clarify your questions in a deep, profound way. You will have a clear, accurate understanding of your past, present, and future. My purpose in life is to enlighten and bring clarity to each truth seeker that I meet. I can help determine the best path to attain your purpose, destiny, and desires. Please allow me to guide you through your journey by bringing joy and peace to your life and sharing a clear picture of your waking destiny.

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