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Psychic Readings by Ryan Finnemore

Psychic Readings by: Ryan Finnemore

About Ryan Finnemore

Ever since I was a young child, I had sensitivity unlike most of my peers. This, through experience, developed into a strong psychic empathy (the ability to feel emotions of others) and eventually led to a very intense spiritual experience involving visions of the future (clairvoyance). This sparked an interest in all things Metaphysical allowing me to get a better understanding of my gifts. Since then, I have used these abilities in my readings which I approach with an open heart and reverence. I am able to work with your spiritual tradition, and only ask that any information received is of the highest interest. I find tools like the Tarot and crystal readings very effective in guiding us to find our life’s true purpose. I hope I can assist you in recognizing your strength, and claiming your life!

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