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Psychic Readings by Ruth Anne

Psychic Readings by: Ruth Anne

About Ruth Anne

I am a clairaudient Psychic, an Empath and Medium, a pet Intuitive, a skilled Tarot Reader and a master Numerologist. I’ve been an Advisor for more than 20 years. My upbringing was mystical and inspiring and my psychic gifts come to me from my European descendants, passed down through many generations. At an early age, I became very aware of the energy of the Divine. I’m active at many charity and church functions and I worked in church ministry for over 15 years, which has given me a greater understanding of those in need. I spent many years assisting in veterinary work, rescue work, and consequently, animals are a big part of my life. I often connect with departed or missing pets and I can help lift the veil of understanding between animals and their beloved people. I will help you sort out any issue in your life and provide you with real solutions to your emotional challenges, so give me a call.

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