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Psychic Readings by Rose Herring

Psychic Readings by: Rose Herring

About Rose Herring

We all need a little guidance at times with love, family, career. Let’s navigate this together. My guides speak to me with music as I am Clairaudient. I’m an honest, intuitive, and emotional Empath and I have used my gifts for over 20 years. I read peoples energies and emotions. My gifts are genetic and run for generations in my family through the female line. I will tell you exactly what I see, no sugar coating, yet I am still kind, and hold no judgments. My guides have a sense of humor at times so, be prepared. My astrology chart explains: I am a Taurus Sun – a nurturing communicator, Aquarius rising – with a questioning mind and straightforward manner – Sagittarius Moon – a philosopher’s heart. I utilize many methods to channel energies to include Tarot, Astrology, Runes, angel decks and even charms. A first name and date of birth (month a day only) help me channel the energy best. I am humbled for these gifts and am happy that they play a part in life. If you choose me, thank you for allowing me to read for you and others involved in your life.

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