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Psychic Readings by Ronni Sue

Psychic Readings by: Ronni Sue

About Ronni Sue

Hi there! I’m an intuitive Psychic, a Medium and a Tarot Reader using Numerology, Astrology and Runes in my readings. From a very early age, I knew there was more to us than what lay upon the surface of our reality. I began to search within for my answers with dream work and perceptive awareness raising techniques. It was through this I found I had an innate connection to myself and those all around me. I was able to communicate with both “sides” in these higher awareness states. I’m a very factual person and I had to find my facts in these things first before I could go further and now here I am! I’m ready to help with any issue, goal or spiritual path. I’m very understanding and knowledgeable of how things work in this life and the next life. I’m looking forward to experiencing both with you.

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