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Psychic Readings by Robin Ulysses Graves

Psychic Readings by: Robin Ulysses Graves

About Robin Ulysses Graves

Thank you for considering my services. I am Robin Graves, a modern age Mystic, Tarot Reader, Runic Seer, Spiritualist, spirit Healer, with expertise in Buddhism, Christian, Native American, Nordic, Egyptian, and Greek religion. I am the great grandson of a Blackfoot Shaman. I decent from a long line of Celtic Druids in Whales. I can provide insight on your future, past events in your life, present decisions, relationships at work, with spouses, children, grandparents, or companion. In our lives we all have choices. Every decision you have made in your life has led you to this moment. We base all of our decisions on the information given. Let me use my powers to help you make your decisions for the future. I communicate with the Une, which is the Native American universe energy that binds us all together. If you consider E=Mc2 that matter and energy cannot be destroyed or created then everything that ever existed and ever will exist is made of energy realized in different forms. This energy flows through out our universe and those with certain gifts can tap into it. This is just one example of the many gifts I possess. I can’t wait to hear from you!

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