Psychic Readings by Robert St Cloud

Psychic Readings by: Robert St Cloud

About Robert St Cloud

Robert St Cloud is a life-long intuitive Psychic, a Master Tarot Reader, and empathic Advisor. In his readings, he calls upon the Arcana (Tarot), for direction, but relies mostly upon interpreting the array of impressions he is shown from the people he is adjoined with. After practicing for more than three decades as a private confidential consultant to the entertainment world, Robert St Cloud, by special invitation, has joined the Psychic Power Network – exclusively, so as to offer his gifts and ability to all seeking a personal insight into mastering lifes journey. Robert proposes that we are each a child of destiny, but adds, that to truly know ones destiny, one must learn to see with Eyes wide Open, to see that which is obscured, and that which is seemingly overlooked! Robert states I am here only to offer aid in opening ones eyes – to lend to ones personal self-empowerment, to show those who seek it, their personal, and most productive path through lifes journey. Openly available for reading – weekdays from 10am until 6pm (MST) and most evenings 9pm until Midnight

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

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Two previous readings with this gentleman remained in my mind for the past four months, but I knew with his incredible reading style and ability to communicate what the tarot is showing him would lend itself well to a long reading. Tonight, I treated myself to a 100 dollar reading and am well pleased that I did. There were psychic elements that let me know this wasn't someone taking my story and weaving it into predictions but someone who could see things. The advice from the Tarot was spot-on and I knew intuitively it was so much more useful than "the Rules" type advice so many psychics still give. Mr. St. Cloud is a pleasure to talk with. Tonight, before I called, I read notes from our previous conversation, which was also about the gentleman in question. St. Cloud took the time to say, though, 'this card is saying you would benefit from a change at work, like to a different department." Two months later, I solved a terrible problem at work by a solution I'd been given but ignored - I switched to a different department and have significantly increased satisfaction and pay. I'm going to listen sooner this time, Mr. St. Cloud! Thank you.

April 15th, 2016

Very good. Will call again

February 25th, 2016

Thankyou Robert for reading for me.Alot of the things you pointed out made sense.Hopefully I can talk to you soon for an update on this situation.Take care Robert.

January 7th, 2016

The more I speak with this reader, the more amazed I become. In a recent reading he predicted that one of two things would happen within the next 10 days regarding a dispute I am having with a contractor who did work on our house. Within a week of that reading: Boom! The second event occurred. He truly has the gift and I can attest to his accuracy.

December 20th, 2015

I have spoken with this reader a few times, and he has consistently impressed me with his intelligence and broad knowledge of a wide array of topics. His interpretation of the cards is very intriguing. Be ready to take notes and compare his comments to the events as they unfold! (He provides so much content during the reading that it is helpful to take notes.) He is really good.

December 11th, 2015

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