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Psychic Readings by Robert Corzone

Psychic Readings by: Robert Corzone

About Robert Corzone

Are you in need of some nonjudgmental advice that is given in a warm and sincere manner? In a world where change is becoming the only constant, Robert believes that another constant is the need for competent and caring spiritual guidance and advice. His gifts include tarot, astrology, numerology, and a finely developed intuition, as well as extensive life experiences. He specializes in providing insights on relationships, health, and personal development. Robert feels strongly that self-knowledge is an important part of one’s education which often gets neglected. In the mid 90’s, Robert discovered that he had a natural talent for psychic reading and giving advice. Since then, he has continued his training in the arcane arts, mostly by self-education. Community volunteering, motorcycling, financial planning, poetry, and science fiction is a few of his many interests. Aquarius, born on the Day of the Inventor, his Tarot card is the Fool, and his ancestry includes peace-loving Mennonites and Pennsylvania Dutch farmers.

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