Psychic Readings by Piper Ashbel

Psychic Readings by: Piper Ashbel

About Piper Ashbel

I am a lifelong clairsentient Advisor, a card Reader and an Intuitive. I’m also an Empath, which means that I am able to read and feel the energy and feelings of another individual. There’s a moment when I speak to someone that it’s almost as if all the molecules around them start vibrating-almost spelling out their emotions. Occasionally, I can get a reading about a third party if the client reenacts the encounter. While those readings are often clouded by the client’s emotions, people are more perceptive than we give ourselves credit. If a client got bad vibes from an individual it is probably for a reason. I have also been reading Tarot Cards for over 10 years. I only use the Rider-Waite Tarot deck and generally I create my own spreads. However, if a client requests a specific spread, I am more than happy to oblige. I am most adept at doing past, present, and future readings, as well as, relationship and career readings.

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