Psychic Readings by Oliver Chase

Psychic Readings by: Oliver Chase

About Oliver Chase

I’m an intuitive Psychic, and I can accurately predict the future. As a Clairsentient and Channeler, I have a spiritual energy in me, with the ability to hear and speak with certain energies. I read the Tarot, interpret dreams, as well as, work with Astrology, Numerology and astral projection. As a Pisces, the 12th and final sign in the Zodiac, I have had a strong draw to the world of the metaphysical. In my lifetime, I found very early that I had a certain sense that was beyond any of the others around me. My senses of this world are mostly only here for the purpose of guiding my physical body around in this dimension called life. I have been able to spiritually awaken, and guide many others to a life exceeding the limits of the individual’s expectations. My educational background and additional studies include Psychology, Philosophy and general education. I also specialize in helping Empaths and indigo children find inner peace by finally realizing their true path. The Pisces that resides and rules over the physical of my being allows me to have unlimited understanding and compatibility with any sign preceding.

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