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Psychic Readings by Noel Veliz

Psychic Readings by: Noel Veliz

About Noel Veliz

I’m a Clairvoyant with strong clairsentient and intuitive abilities. I independently study 2 kinds of Tarot cards and sometimes use the cards as a tool. I work primarily with my intuition and the visible energies that appear to me. When I was born, I came with a deep empathy for this world and the people living, struggling, and reaching for help. The world itself was deeply scarred and in so much pain. Because of the color of our auras, we have been categorized as Indigo Children. We are spiritual warriors with loving hearts that are here to eliminate what is no longer necessary. Since the late 1970s, people like me have been born and walk the earth. Our purpose, our responsibility, will wipe the slate clean for new creations. This is a living, working reality, and the changes have already been set in motion. Now, as an adult, I see this year as a turning point. The numbers 1 and 4 will open a door, and I want to be present. I am here to listen and to guide you to your answers. When I speak to you, I speak from the bottom of my heart and at this very moment, let me reach out to you.

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