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Psychic Readings by Nicole Livingston

Psychic Readings by: Nicole Livingston

About Nicole Livingston

Nicole is a 5th-generation clairvoyant Advisor, Empath and Medium and she has done countless readings. She is skilled in many tools including the Tarot and Runes; however she prefers to use her empathic abilities to get the best soul reading for her client. She has a very caring and nurturing demeanor and has been blessed with creating some amazing connections with her clients. Nicole takes her gifts very seriously and truly believes she was given them to help others find their true inner self and a better way to navigate through their lives. As a Medium, she is blessed to have the gift of being able to connect with those who have crossed over and have a message for us still on this plane of existence; this can be loved ones, trapped/lost souls, guides and angels. Give her a call; you will be so glad that you did!

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