Psychic Readings by Nathaniel Solomon

Psychic Readings by: Nathaniel Solomon

About Nathaniel Solomon

Hello! I’m a Tarot card Reader, and I’ve always had a natural intuitive gift for being able to see directly to the heart of a matter. My first and only Tarot deck was sent to me by an elderly friend, and I took it to a schoolmate’s mother who blessed the deck and kept it in moonlight. I’ve used that deck ever since, and to great satisfaction. I know that sometimes, we could all use a little bit of extra insight from other sources that can help clear things up for us. Sometimes, readings can help you think outside the box, or help keep opportunities in mind, or give you guidance as to what you should do next. I’ve been there too, and a reading has always helped me feel reassured. This is why I make my skills available today for anyone seeking advice or guidance. Let me help!

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