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Psychic Readings by Missy Dee

Psychic Readings by: Missy Dee

About Missy Dee

I’m a high-energy Psychic, Medium, past-life Regressionist, master Manifestor, Healer, and a charm, Oracle and Tarot card Reader. I also am an Astrologer and have the ability to read Birth Charts. As a galactic Being, I was sent here to heal any inner child trauma and align you with your divine purpose. My brother passing in 2011 was the catapult to the start of my spiritual journey. It was then I began to have several ascension as I transmuted my own passion, traumas and inner child darkness. My spiritual ranking and Divine connection to the Cosmos makes tapping into divine messages quite simple. I also facilitate collective and individual messages that are dedicated to emotional and past-life karmic healing to break generational patterns and activate the divine within your soul. My therapeutic and intuitive approach is one of opening the mind to align to your desired reality.

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

This is just a selection of some of our favorite feedback. All of our feedback is 100% genuine & user-submitted so please excuse any typos or errors, thanks!

Wow!!! Her reviews speak for her. She is un real. Asked one question about an issue with some neighbors, seemingly a simple question, but there are layers as to what is going on, on a spiritual level, and she immediately tapped into that. Her reading was deep... let me dumb founded, the spiritual information she was able to access with ease. This lady is the TRUTH, AMAZING!!! Her calvoyance is stunninigly accurate.

July 16th, 2023

Stayed accurate and professional with the reading!

June 4th, 2023

First time speaking with Missy Dee and woooowwwwww!

Amazing woman with the sweetest delivery and laugh. She left me with happy tears. I hope to find her again on PPN to give her an update. Thank you, Missy Dee. God bless you xo JS

April 27th, 2023

Good pleasant call/reading and hit the nail on the head.

April 18th, 2023

She is really good!! I was calling about moving for school. She told me that it would be sooner. That someone's health was bad because of stress. Well, I had been dealing with a situationship and I'm currently am dealing with stress from it. She just knew so much of what is going on and picked up on relatives(ancestors) who is helping me. I will definitely call her back and anyone who need a REAL reader with outstanding gifts. I would say please click on Missy and she will help get to the bottom of whatever is going on.

March 29th, 2023

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