Psychic Readings by Mirella Valaki

Psychic Readings by: Mirella Valaki

About Mirella Valaki

I have a natural gift of claircognizance, inherited from my mother who’s also intuitive. I am also certified in a number of spiritual modalities such as spiritual response Therapy and Theta Healing. For long I was keeping myself busy with technical studies, but life always takes us where we need to be no matter what path we follow. After a series of challenging and consciousness transforming events in my life, the evidence and knowledge I could draw that what we come across follows a divine wisdom, encouraged me to go forward with gratitude and acceptance. I use my intuitive skills to connect to the Creator and tap to your higher self in order to read and advise on topics of your concern and help you make more educated decisions when needed. I also hope that this way I can instill in you more faith and conviction of your unique purpose and destiny, help you open up to the synchronicity of events, effortlessly make transformations that will lead you to live a happier, more fulfilling and enlightened life. I use my intuitive skills, sometimes in combination with certain tools (such as the pendulum), to tune in and provide accurate readings for issues of your concern involving either the past or the future. Thank you for allowing our paths to cross and experience together for a while in this wonderful spiritual display of synchronicity and connectedness of everything and everyone in our universe.

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