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Psychic Readings by Michelle Brown

Psychic Readings by: Michelle Brown

About Michelle Brown

Michelle has studied Metaphysical Art for a period of 15 years. Her interests include Tarot, Numerology, Astrology and Parapsychology. She reads using her intuitive abilities and the Tarot. Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysics, and is also a relationship and dating Coach. Combined with her education, the readings she provides are empathic, sincere and compassionate. She picks up on your feelings/vibrations and this is translated through the reading. She is very caring, yet realistic, and her goal is to be helpful to your needs and requests. Michelle is here to help you in the areas of career, relationships, financial, health, family and any other concerns. The Tarot is used as a guide to help clients regain power and direction in their lives, not tell them exactly what is going to happen. She offers direction, guidance and support. The cards are a guideline and will show you the direction you are going in; you can make changes in your life to make things better; the ultimate outcome is not written in stone. If you truly want practical advice and a down-to-earth reading, with real life insight, give Michelle a call!

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