Psychic Readings by Meriel Walker

Psychic Readings by: Meriel Walker

About Meriel Walker

I am no stranger to psychic phenomenon, having lived all my life in seemingly two separate dimensions, the physical and spiritual. Growing up, I shared my psychic ability with close friends in times of need. Just like no two people are quite alike, I am of the belief that no two psychics are equally alike. My style is quite unorthodox, because I use my own 23 card deck, along with my knowledge and use of Gematria to paint the many pathways of life. I believe psychic readings work best when both ends of the line are open to the universe, ready and willing to make contact to the higher realms. With me, there will never be a one sided reading. Interaction will come into play mainly with numbers, but there are other methods I use to help individuals visualize whatever roadblocks or goals that may reveal themselves in the future. Let us brighten the pathway together.

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