Psychic Readings by Meren Buchanan

Psychic Readings by: Meren Buchanan

About Meren Buchanan

I am a natural-born Empath, an intuitive Advisor, an eclectic energy Worker, and otherkin dragon. I have over a decade of experience with the art of reading the Tarot and have worked as a professional Advisor since 2012. I use Tarot Cards as my primary focus in readings, supplemented by some Alchemy, Numerology and Geomancy. As an Empath, it is my calling to assist others on their spiritual journeys, and I am thrilled to assist you with any topic. I am also specifically experienced in GSRM and neuroatypical issues. I am happy to tailor a reading to your particular questions and needs. Here are some example standard readings I perform regularly: simple augury (1-2 cards, 3-5 minutes, good for very simple or focused questions), 3-card spread (3 cards, about 5 minutes, good for exploring one action’s immediate outcome), Celtic cross (10 cards, about 15 minutes, best spread for when you don’t know what to ask), relationship spread (10 cards, about 20 minutes, good for when you want to know what’s going on between you and a friend, lover, project, or environment. Easily extended to consider multiple relationships at once.), and the Life Path Spread (15+ cards, 30+ minutes, great for a broad view of where your life is and may be going)

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