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Psychic Readings by Melly Ray

Psychic Readings by: Melly Ray

About Melly Ray

My connection with Spirit has been a life-long adventure and it’s my passion. I’m an Intuitive, card Reader, Channeler, Astrologer, and dream Interpreter. After being plagued with reoccurring dreams at a very young age, I gained my own personal power through studying dream symbolism. Along the way, I discovered my spirituality and my talent for sharing guidance through animal Totems, leading me to learn the connection between them both. I’m also very adept with paranormal occurrences. During a time of need in my life, I was gifted my first Tarot deck. As I have grown, I have learned to use abilities, my cards, spirit animals, spirit queues, zodiac signs, Astrology, dreams and nature, just to name a few, to help a lot of people in my years as an Advisor, including myself. There is always something to learn, something to do and I am not done yet on this metaphysical journey! I have a heart of gold and a very kind nature, and will always have your best interest first and foremost.

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