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Psychic Readings by: Marchelle Jennings

About Marchelle Jennings

I’m a 4th-generation, naturally-gifted Clairvoyant, psychic Advisor, Healer, energy Reader, Intuitive, Mentor and life Coach. I’m able to read from just using my clear third eye. I have also been trained by elder psychic Healers to give you optimized solutions to your life dilemmas. I have been aware and using my gift since childhood and started to develop and strengthen throughout my journey to spiritual healer and teacher status. I’m qualified in helping you find your true love, soulmate, or life partner with a special talent for seeing into love, romance and relationships. Using the energy from the angels and spirit Guides, I will get the answers to solve the concerns you have on your journey. I consistently gain more knowledge about the metaphysical realm every day, as there are always new opportunities for you to achieve full and complete happiness.

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

This is just a selection of some of our favorite feedback. All of our feedback is 100% genuine & user-submitted so please excuse any typos or errors, thanks!

Fresh original good connection

August 8th, 2023

Aloha! I'm VERY HAPPY to deliver this GOOD NEWS today.

I just HAD to share this with ANYONE who is just a TAD bit curious about Intuitive Advisors.

This is a lovely woman whose gift houses a serene, and DEEPLY divine connection to life. She has been kind, informative, graceously-receptive and has a strong spiritual antenna. BE PREPARED, ELEVATED and PRAYED UP when you call because the conversation space you'll establish with this reader has the wonderful endowment to be able to; inform, enrich and fortify your self-efficacy. It really is an education you'll love learning about yourself.

I was unsure about her at first, as I am about anyone brand new to me who hears my personal story to this depth. However, soon after my first reading started, I began to receive - what FELT like to me, - some of the highest, truest, and clearest information to base on MY VERY OWN soul's journey. SMILE. 😊 WOW! Thanks for the surprises!

Everyone has light, but only a SMALL handful of people in my life, do what she does SO WELL and EXECUTE on that gift so gracefully and consistently. She is among the BEST I have spent time with.

SO, I'm QUITE EXCITED for ANYONE who happens to be (whether they know it or not) at the nose of a brand new moment in their lives. This is one woman who happens to be a quiet POWERHOUSE of a reader with a richly-layered well of spiritual advice AND protective aid to call upon.

Many Blessings of ONLY the HIGHEST order (Angels) in Loving Prayer, Silky-Swaths of Angelic Protection, FLOWERS, BEAUTIFUL BEACH SIDE SUNSETS and CELEBRATIONS for her Continued Service to the Upliftment of Humanity. MANY, MANY GRATITUDES To Her.

Like that Tina Turner song, she's "Simply The Best!" - Signed - a Guest In Gratitude. Blessings.

July 28th, 2023

Marchelle, been chatting with her on and off in the last year. I spoke to her in the beginning of my relationship and she warned me not to let my bf move in with me because it wasn't going to serve me in any way. She told me about times where she saw him hanging out with other females and she saw a woman with a dog, I later found out he was babysitting his best friend's sisters dog and I saw a message he wrote to her saying that basically he always was fond of her and knows that she would never give a guy like him a shot. There was also another time that she told me that I needed to take care of myself and I started doing that. If I had never listened to her about that I would have fallen apart by now. Today she said some very brutal truths to me but it's the way I receive messages so her delivery was needed. Love is blind. You don't see what they see until you've been hurt or drained in the relationship. Take heed to the warnings you get. Not all advisors are wrong. Here the message and use your logic to know the situation for what it reallly is.

July 21st, 2023

Marchelle is one of a kind. Her style of reading is different than most. But that's what makes her so special because she picks up details that most don't. There isn't much you have to say during your read because she knocks everything out the park. I have spoken with her on several occasions and she has not been wrong. She walks you through EXACTLY what to expect. Her readings are truly guided by spirit, your angels and guides. As you speak with her, the readings are all in sync with past readings. Yes, she remembers you and the details are endless. Thank you for your guidance.

July 15th, 2023

It's ALWAYS an amazing reading with Marchelle. She mentions things that only I or my POI would know. That is incredible and confirms her connection with spirit. She has never steered me wrong with any reading I've had. I want to thank you taking the time to read for me this morning.

June 13th, 2023

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