Psychic Readings by Malika Laveau

Psychic Readings by: Malika Laveau

About Malika Laveau

As an intuitive Psychic and Reiki Healer, the Tarot and Oracle cards have been a part of my readings since the age of 19, now totaling 14 years of experience. From the very beginning, I have felt a connection to the cards and the images, allowing me to be a vessel of truth for those looking for answers beyond the mundane. *Do you wake up with pressure in your chest, plagued by anxiety, stress and fear? *Are you going to bed at night with the same unsettled feelings weighing on your Spirit? *Do you feel as though a lot of the emotional weight and heaviness you are carrying is not your own? My specialty is legacy healing; helping you clear out the pain of the past, bringing you into the light of the present, and nurturing the seeds of hope and faith for the future. Often the pain we carry is ancestral in nature, making it difficult to pinpoint, and even more challenging to heal. Knowing the problem is the first step. Knowing what actions to take to cleanse yourself of this negativity is the gift of the cards. I am looking forward to speaking with you, and starting you on your way to the life you deserve!

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