Psychic Readings by Maggie Bracken

Psychic Readings by: Maggie Bracken

About Maggie Bracken

Maggie is a natural-born Psychic, Medium, Clairvoyant, spirit Channeler, Intuitive, card Reader, energy Reader and remote Viewer. She can incorporate the use of the Tarot or angel cards, crystals, scrying, or stones into your session. She began her spiritual journey at a very young age when she realized she could see, hear and feel spirits. Spirits convey messages of comfort, love and reassurance to her through visions, symbols, voice and sensations. Without fear, she accepted her gifts and began to use them to assist others with difficult situations. Now, Maggie is an accomplished Advisor and has completed a vast amount of accurate consultations. She offers her services to anyone who is ready to allow their heart, mind and inner being to connect to the spiritual side of themselves. If you are struggling with an issue and seeking guidance, let Maggie put things in perspective for you.

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