Psychic Readings by Lora Raphael-

Psychic Readings by: Lora Raphael-

About Lora Raphael-

I’m a Clairvoyant and Clairaudient Psychic, as well as, a Reiki energy Healer. I also read the Tarot. There is a strong mind body connection in all of us. By balancing your energy and listening to your story, I can calm your concerns. Let me help you unleash your true potential and guide you on your spiritual journey. I am a Reiki energy Healer with the gift of removing negative blockages which may be holding you back from your true path. With an open heart, let me help you find your way. The source of light is within all of us. I look forward to aiding you on this wonderful journey.

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

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I love Ms. Lora she is fabulous and highly accurate . She had been with me this entire year from February to December with my questions .Everything Ms. Lora had told me from my home buying process with her knowing shady mortgage company I had to guy I like walking away from me in February due to me buying a home Ms. Lora was 100% correct his energy was going to change and he walked away. Not knowing 5 months later he trying be my friend guy who walk away . I highly recommend you call Ms. Lora she is definitely worth the wait to speak too on line. Happy holidays Fran

December 24th, 2022

100% on the dot with POI. I gave zero info. She is that good!!

December 18th, 2022

very detail and very precise thank m you to direct me in the right direction

October 28th, 2022

Great reading keeping focus on the present and accurate

October 13th, 2022

This advisor is very easy to talk to but didn't connect immediately with the wrong info. However, she reconnected again and became more accurate. Told me that e likes me a lot and sorting his career out. We are mirroring each other. We will continue to develop into a romantic relationship especially when e is financially more comfortable. He has very good chance of getting the teaching job. In 3 months time, we are likely to move in together. Just let the relationship to develop and blossom.

October 12th, 2022

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