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Psychic Readings by London Vanderbuilt

Psychic Readings by: London Vanderbuilt

About London Vanderbuilt

Hello! My experience is life long, as I come from a family line full of Empaths and Spiritualists and I noticed at a young age that I possessed these abilities as well. I’m a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Empath, Seer, Medium, Intuitive and a card Reader. I’m naturally gifted so I tend to not use divination tools. However, if I come across an intensely complicated energy or issue, I MAY use the Tarot for clarification. As an Empath, I feel what others are currently feeling, their past feelings and intentions that you need to know to fully understand the situation. I’m a nonjudgmental, honest Advisor who strives at helping every single person I come across in my life with money, career finance, love, romance, relationship or family problems. My goal as your spiritual Advisor is to comfort you in all areas of your life. In an unsure world, let me help you grow and flourish on your path.

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