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Psychic Readings by: Lola Bennington

About Lola Bennington

I am a compassionate, understanding and caring Intuitive and a card Reader that specializes in love, romance and relationships. I’m also a Pisces Empath, Sensitive, Channeler and an energy Reader. I’m not just a Tarot Advisor, I use the cards combined with my own special abilities, your energy, my keen vibrational energy and messages from my spirit Guides to give you a detailed and accurate reading. If requested, I do not need to use the cards or any tools. No question is too big or too small. My passion is providing a unique experience with a targeted consultation based on your own individual needs. After many years of witnessing what a positive impact my gift has made on others, I’ve made this my life calling and have devoted my time to help others excel in their lives and spiritual well-being. I always read from a place of love, integrity and authenticity. I’m here to help you, NOT to judge you. My goal is for you to relax, feel comfortable and enjoy your session as you allow me to unfold your personal story.

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

This is just a selection of some of our favorite feedback. All of our feedback is 100% genuine & user-submitted so please excuse any typos or errors, thanks!

I want to say that She did AMAZING! She picked up quickly and right away. Everything, every word was spot on! Past and present is correct what I was and am going thru to a T! Absolutely true and her words are so wise I greatly appreciated her reading! I neeeded it ! What a beautiful message this truly hit my soul! I want to thank her so much for her time and energy. I will definitely be back ! Shes SUPER GOOD AND SUPER ACCURATE ! Shes great! My new go to!

May 8th, 2020

Lola is the best! Tuned right on and answered all my questions. i love it! She picked right about how I was feeling! She weighed in on both sides of each issue. Explained reasons things that would work if I put effort into it. She helped me make a decision!

May 7th, 2020

Omg she's so genuine and so sweet and very thorough and I love that about her ! I'm def gonna come back to her to give her and update but yea this lady is amazing and she's def made my day

May 1st, 2020

Wow Lola is the best! Tunes in into the cards and gives many details to give you clarity. She was able to view finances to help me make a decision. She was very helpful! Great at answering all questions you need clarification on!

May 1st, 2020

She's excellent, blew me away with things she said. I confirmed them to be true. I will definitely call back. Do you want the truth? She's the one.

April 29th, 2020

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