Psychic Readings by Lisa Strait

Psychic Readings by: Lisa Strait

About Lisa Strait

I’m an intuitive Psychic and a Tarot Advisor. The soul is eternal and is traveling through this material world under the influence of the illusory energy. As a result, the soul stumbles and often falls and becomes confused, entangled and suffers. Therefore, we should all be very interested in our eternal nature, and finding our way through this illusory energy. We ultimately should want to learn who we are in relation to the self and the higher self. Being on the path of self-realization, I, myself in this lifetime and in previous lifetimes, have an insight into what may come to pass. There are many resources to gain clarity. One very intriguing resource can be the tarot cards if used to find our way out of the illusory energy. Based on the level of spiritual advancement of an individual soul, the card reading and the mental state at the time, I can offer thoughtful insight into what is approaching. It is up to the individual hearing the reading to act. I’m only a messenger and can assist with neutrality and compassion. The body is temporary and the soul is our pure, true permanent self. I can offer my vision into the transcendental nature of who you really are with no self-interest other than to be transparent. I am happy to offer my service to you.

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Enjoyed my reading, will call back, she touched on a subject that had a meaning to me.

November 1st, 2015

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