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Psychic Readings by Lila June

Psychic Readings by: Lila June

About Lila June

I’m an Intuitive, Rune, and Tarot card Reader, spiritual Advisor and a powerful energy Healer. In my readings, I use tools to help you reclaim knowledge of your infinite potential for embodiment and self-empowerment. Have you forgotten your true nature? I am here to witness you, unfurling to recognize and remember your power. I specialize in soothing anxiety and restlessness, seeing higher perspectives on love, romance, and relationship issues, as well as, getting down to the deep roots of money, career, and finance problems. Alchemizing stuck, stagnant energy through the boiling cauldron of transformation is my specialty. As we shift away from old cycles of suffering and victimization, I hold space for your deep unconscious to blossom into awareness. The heart needs darkness to do its work. I use the tools of my lineage to guide you upon the noble path of meeting yourself.

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