Psychic Readings by Libby Jones

Psychic Readings by: Libby Jones

About Libby Jones

I began studying and working with the Tarot about 30 years ago, and being an artist as well, I resonate with the visual imagery. I have always been spiritually inclined and connected to the metaphysical realm. At very early age, I began contact with my divine helpers who guide me, and work with me to aid others. As an intuitive card Reader, I am able to give clarity and support, as well as, guidance to help you make a decision or to have a better understanding of the situation in question. I can assist you in gaining that extra edge to help know when it is appropriate to move forward or to wait for the right timing. In regard to love, relationships and romance, I can help you to get an idea of what may be the underlying issue involved that you haven’t been able to get clarity. Together, we will delve in, asking for what you seek to be revealed through the cards.

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