Psychic Readings by Lana Bridges

Psychic Readings by: Lana Bridges

About Lana Bridges

I’m an Intuitive, Astrologer and Tarot card Reader and my style of reading is based upon a therapeutic model. My background includes work as a mental health and substance abuse Counselor for over a decade. This blends very well with my metaphysical work as I am able to see what people really need the most. Astrology and the Tarot fall in line with that, even when what’s predicted doesn’t seem to be positive. When those situations come up it’s important to focus on the growth you will make during a difficult time and what reward is waiting at the end of that experience. When I help a client come out of a crisis or find a solution to their issue, it’s just so inspiring. The simple fact is that life is going to get better and that tomorrow is a new day to make new decisions. Let me help you make decisions today that will enrich your tomorrow.

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