Psychic Readings by Kyana Ireland

Psychic Readings by: Kyana Ireland

About Kyana Ireland

I’m an intuitive Psychic, Medium and card Reader. My strongest psychic abilities are clairaudience and clairvoyance. Spirit, along with my angels and yours, show me pictures, words, or speak clearly to me in relaying a message that is of importance for you to recognize. Spirit speaks clearly to us all, and I believe that the messages that I receive will bring you validation, confirmation and direction in what you may be seeking. I am an open vessel for the light and love. I sometimes use angel oracle cards and often connect with a lost loved one. My readings are always opened with a brief prayer to Spirit upon connecting to the other side. The reading is then closed in the same manner to give thanks and honor for our time together. Nothing is by chance. It is all orchestrated by the light. I look forward to serving you and trusting that Spirit will lead you to me if I am the one best suited for your highest good. I will share with you in honesty, compassion and integrity, not my message, but that of the Divine, that flows through me. I hope to share with you soon. Namaste

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