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Psychic Readings by Kelly Sebastian

Psychic Readings by: Kelly Sebastian

About Kelly Sebastian

I am a qualified intuitive Reader and Clairsentient who gives readings by scrying, Tarot and angel card readings, as well as, crystal and stone readings. I work with Reiki for healing and I am a professional Advisor, certified Level III Reiki Master, certified angel card Reader, certified animal Reiki Practitioner, pet Psychic, certified life Coach and an ordained Minister. During your session, I will receive detailed and highly-accurate insight into your situation that covers the aspects of your life you feel you need the most guidance. Whether it’s a reading you would like or a dream you need interpreted, I use my gift to offer guidance to all of my clients. I will encourage you to move in a positive direction and face the challenges that may lie ahead. Because I understand your time is extremely precious, if you need to reach me and I am not online, request a callback and we will be in touch right away!

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Feedback From Satisfied Callers

This is just a selection of some of our favorite feedback. All of our feedback is 100% genuine & user-submitted so please excuse any typos or errors, thanks!

This is one of the best advisers I have spoken to on this site. She tuned in with accuracy without fishing she is quick and well spoken gives answers to questions. I feel very optimistic about this reading and her predictions. Will call again!!

September 11th, 2021

She was wonderful, like talking to a friend. She literally said things that i knew to be accurate.

July 20th, 2021

Kelly was absolutely amazing! Very intuitive really was able to channel in to my POI. I truly appreciate her and can't wait to speak to her again I wish I could have added more time. Very good at reading energy highly intuitive!

July 17th, 2021

first caller...i see why her reviews are so great...very honest very real...stable and accurate confirmation after confirmation and even a couple predictions that i am confident about already....thank you so much Kelly your time is greatly appreciated and i cant wait to hear and see these items develop

June 16th, 2021

Wow! Amazing tuned in fast! Picked up people and personalities well! Told me I would be fine! Gave me so much clarity! She even did dream interpretations for me. She is amazing in all areas!

May 24th, 2021

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