Psychic Readings by Kaytrina

Psychic Readings by: Kaytrina

About Kaytrina

I’m a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Medium and Dream Interpreter with over 20 years of experience. One day, I was inspired to seek alternative ways to connect with my spirit guides, I came across a deck of Tarot cards, and they spoke to me. I was truly captivated and begin using them to assist others in need. I am a product of Native American and Creole heritage and was raised to embrace my natural talents. Throughout my childhood, I would have dreams and visions and started writing down the ones that pertained to my friends and family and I noticed after a period of time they would unveil. As time progressed, I realized that when I needed to make major decisions or had problems, the family members that have passed out of this realm, would come to me with the needed guidance. Let me be your guide and help you along your journey. Together, we will find the answers you seek, the motivation to make change and the drive to see it to its completion.

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