Psychic Readings by Kay Whittaker

Psychic Readings by: Kay Whittaker

About Kay Whittaker

I have always been the person others come to for advice, even when I was younger. When I was older, I realized they did this because I was intuitive, empathic, clairsentient and claircognizant. Once I recognized my gifts, I was able to explore them more deeply and learn more about connecting with the spirit world and angelic realms. I’m particularly drawn to the angelic realm. I’m a certified angel card Reader, and what I love most about that deck is the emphasis on gentle messages. I have other Tarot decks that I can use as well. I let the spirits guide me as to which one is best for your situation. I do all my readings in love and light, asking that only the highest and best comes through for you. I truly believe that divine guidance leads to peace, happiness, and abundance.

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