Psychic Readings by Kateri Wensho

Psychic Readings by: Kateri Wensho

About Kateri Wensho

I am a spirit led psychic Guide that will help you in all matters of love, relationships, career and financial guidance through my intuitive abilities, tarot readings and divination sessions. I’m also a certified life Coach. I have helped hundreds of people get their life back on track to live a happy, fulfilled life. I will help you discover the hidden treasures within yourself to become the divine being that you are. My style is nonjudgmental, compassionate and understanding. I am committed to being open, honest and direct: I genuinely care about you and your situation. I focus on your energy looking for positive solutions instead of problems. I believe that through examination we discover and empower ourselves, and those around us. Each one of us has been given gifts that we are unaware of or we don’t use. I hope to awaken you to the possibilities in your life! Call me now!

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awesome! :)

February 10th, 2014

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