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Psychic Readings by Joe Maisbad

Psychic Readings by: Joe Maisbad

About Joe Maisbad

Welcome! I’m a Psychic, Intuitive, spiritual Advisor and Tarot card Reader. I specialize primarily in a standard 10 card spread based around a central query, but I offer a variety of other basic spreads like the 3 card spread. You are free to request a specialized spread at any point during the session. You can ask me about topics ranging from love, romance and relationships, money, career and finance, to your overall personal journey. I am here to help you develop a clearer understanding of yourself and to assist you, in any way possible, with the development of your future self. I offer psychic readings that do not rely on generalities, but rather intelligent ones that take into account your unique life experiences. I pay close attention to the actual meaning and future implications behind the cards, so I can share an accurate consultation. My readings are clear cut and concrete, and you will be able to envision a picture of your future that is well formed. As a psychic Reader, I can only do so much to define this vision, and I am very careful not to overstep your personal boundaries when providing information about your past, present and future. Feel free to reach out when you need me.

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