Psychic Readings by Jodi Greene

Psychic Readings by: Jodi Greene

About Jodi Greene

I have been a card Reader for over 30 years, but I have been aware of spirit Guides since I was very young. I was blessed to have parents who supported and encouraged my gifts and as I got older my Guides were always there to give advice. I’m also an aura Reader, and others always come to me to read them and deliver messages. I had experienced different Tarot decks from ages 16-18, but for my 18th birthday I came across a deck, that I still have and still use to this day. At that point, everything fell into place, the fog being lifted and messages coming in loud and clear. I am here to give you information, guidance and answer any question. I can do past-life readings, couple readings, even pet readings. I will guide you in choosing the easiest path, but sometimes the universe feels we need to learn things the hard way. I respect your choice on what you do with the information I give to you.

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