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Psychic Readings by Jessi Castor

Psychic Readings by: Jessi Castor

About Jessi Castor

My name is Jessi and I am a Psychic, Medium and Tarot card Reader. I have known my whole life I have a gift, and as an adult I have truly been a student of the metaphysical. My style of readings are more in-depth about the issues relating to your inner work, not just a quick answer. We can get quick answers, however, I tell people many times the answer is in the search for the answer. Often when we arrive at the answer, it’s not exactly what we were expecting. This is why helping guide you to the heart of the issue is so important. Personal, spiritual and emotional growth is what I hope to bring to you, in addition to answers on love, romance and relationships, money, career and finance. I am a Medium, I very often connect with your loved ones that have passed. I do not promise anything when it comes to mediumship readings. I always ask you to please not share any extra information, just answer questions as I ask them (at the end we can talk about anything you want!). The reason I ask is because I need to come into the reading as objective as I can. My focus is allowing the deceased loved one to relay their messages the way THEY desire to relay them. Not my interpretation of their message, I am just a conduit.

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