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Psychic Readings by James Waite

Psychic Readings by: James Waite

About James Waite

In spiritual service, I offer my talents in the psychic arts. I have over 20 years of being a bridge between spirit and matter as a professional Reader. My psychic readings are founded on the belief that we all access the one source of truth & light. I’m well trained in spiritual awareness clairvoyance to do remote work, like psychic healing of auras and astral bodies on many planes of existence. I use the colorful Tarot cards as my main tool to help focus the reading in the rich symbolic images. Let’s be receptive and aware of the truth and light always flowing to us. I understand you may be a little anxious before for your reading, so I do invite you to find a quite space to prepare yourself, sit for a moment and just feel your own body and be yourself when you feel composed you’re ready, I look forward to sharing spiritual insight with you.

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