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Psychic Readings by Jackie San Miguel

Psychic Readings by: Jackie San Miguel

About Jackie San Miguel

I am an highly-adept Psychic, Clairaudient, intuitive Advisor, Tarot card Reader, Clairvoyant (precognitive/events before they occur and postcognitive/past events), past lives Reader, Telepath, Channeler, remote Viewer and a Seer. My specialty areas include matters of the heart, intuitive readings, information download, channeling messages (from the Divine & spirit Guides), the Tarot, as well as The Alchemy of Prayer and inspirational meditation. My gifts were passed down from a long line of medicine Women and spiritual Practitioners from Mexico that originate back to Zacatecas. My abilities allow me to obtain detailed and insightful information about you, the person in question and see into problems or issues that are disrupting your flow. A reading with me will provide essential advice for clarity on any topic. Whether it’s dealing with love, romance, career or finance, I will help you navigate your journey.

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