Psychic Readings by Iris Reid

Psychic Readings by: Iris Reid

About Iris Reid

Everything we want, everything we’ve ever requested or desired, is in the realm of non-physical essence, trying to get into our lives. Sometimes, as we try to improve our lives, we get in our own way. I’ve been blessed with an innate psychic and empathic aptitude. I feel and interpret subtle energy vibrations. Some of the tools I use are Tarot cards and Reiki distance interpretations. With Reiki Distance Interpretations, (and with your allowance), I meet with your subtle energies on a higher plane and communicate my observations to you. This information gives you immediate insight. It helps you make choices and plans. It is a gentle way of guiding and reminding you of where you want to go or do in your life. After all, all we really want is to be happy and healthy. My readings are nonjudgmental, caring and will prove to be useful in all aspects of your life. I am eagerly looking forward to our experience together. Be well!

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