Psychic Readings by Hanna Greene

Psychic Readings by: Hanna Greene

About Hanna Greene

I’m a certified Oracle Reader, Certified Medical Intuitive, Reiki Master, Ordained Minister, Channeler, and Medium. I have no need for tools however, I can use Oracle Cards or Tarot cards upon request. I’m a uniquely, qualified Psychic who has had the privilege to train with the best in this field. I work differently than most Psychics, I blend all of my gifts as a way of ensuring that you have the best experience. If you are looking for clarity, purpose, passion, confidence or well-being, you will benefit greatly from a reading with me. You will feel lighter and brighter after a reading. As the client, you have an agenda and the Universe has its agenda. I am the conduit for both, and blend the two perfectly. You will always receive a healing spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and psychologically, as well as, having your Chakra’s opened and balanced. You are encouraged to go within, and bring the questions that are most important to you. Without sharing anything with me, I will obtain the necessary information from the various realms and past lives (known as Akashic records) that will enable you to move forward with confidence, peace of mind and clarity. The blockages that were put in place will fall away, as the old patterns and programming dissolve. Abundance and prosperity will flow to you and through you, as you embody the life that you envision and create.

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