Psychic Readings by Guy Moore

Psychic Readings by: Guy Moore

About Guy Moore

For at least 5 confirmed generations, there have been powerful Psychics in my family. I’m a Psychic, Intuitive, card Reader, Channeler, energy Reader and dream Interpreter. I started reading energies, entities and dreams before I was even old enough to realize or learn about my family history. After a period of being mute as a preteen, I experienced a dramatic shift in my communication skills and senses when first introduced to the Tarot, meditation and the archetypes and symbols that permeate everything. After many years of coincidentally finding myself in a number of unintended roles as a mentee to psychic and healing providers, and ever sharpening environments; I finally accepted my skillset and opened myself to helping others who specifically seek this kind of guidance. I eventually evolved to the present fluency of, a sort of language, I experience when contemplating the information I receive. As a spiritual Advisor, I don’t hold back. We can go as far as you’re comfortable and you can expect at the very least, an assuring answer and at the most, a direct channel with a root source. I look forward to helping you uncover the subtleties that call you to our purpose together.

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