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Psychic Readings by Golden Eagle

Psychic Readings by: Golden Eagle

About Golden Eagle

I am Golden Eagle, I walk the sacred path of my ancestors. I am here to help all those who sincerely ask. Through the use of my intuitive psychic abilities, the Tarot, Angel Healing cards and Enchanted Map cards I reveal the hidden journey you now walk, the gifts and challenges you are working on, and the direction you are heading as you travel this life. Through this widow we can discern what past life events you are healing in order for you to reveal your true heart to Great Spirit. Great Spirit has gifted me with the ability to speak with those on the blue road. My teachers have been those beings we call Angels. They guide me to bring messages to those who are open to their counsel. I am dedicated to the path of service to my sisters and brothers as they open themselves to their own awakening of their spiritual selves. We are all connected. We are part of the fabric of life, protected by Great Spirit and nurtured by Mother Earth. We are her children and she loves us as equals.

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