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Psychic Readings by Gitana Mantis

Psychic Readings by: Gitana Mantis

About Gitana Mantis

I am a certified professional Astrologer, seasoned Tarot Card Diviner, Intuitive, Psychic and Medium. The guidance of my personal Spirit team along with these powerful tools allows me to bring insight, meaning and purpose to your life. I offer solutions to help you navigate by the stars of your uniquely charted course so that you may adjust your own sails to better captain your own ship. I aim to illuminate, empower, and enable you to employ your fullest range of agency in life – especially in areas of blockage, struggle, pain, and resistance – facilitating your deeper self-knowing, understanding, acceptance and love. I bring 22 years of experience working with issues including; family of origin, relationship health, grief/loss, mental health, addiction and dependency issues, life changes, career transitions, calling/life purpose, and more. I warmly welcome all into my sacred counseling space; regardless of color, ethnicity, age, ability, gender identity, sexuality or preference. It is my great privilege to be able to offer you a higher perspective on your life. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your voyage and discovery!

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5 stars!!!!

March 29th, 2022

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