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Psychic Readings by Ganesha

Psychic Readings by: Ganesha

About Ganesha

Psychic Advisor and Intuitive, Ganesha is known to her friends as Gabrielle. Given the Hindu name that means “remover of obstacles”, Ganesha is here to help you approach obstacles with new perspectives and possibilities. She specializes in the Tarot for transitions in career, family, love, romance, relationships and self-realization on the journey toward a more meaningful and purposeful life. A Spiritualist and student of Jungian theory, Ganesha uses the Thoth Tarot, Astrology, crystal meditation and other divining tools as a compass for your journey of authenticity through the shifting terrain. A Tao practitioner since 2009, she traveled the US for human rights movements, aiding those in service to higher calling. She would be honored to assist you on your life’s path.

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