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Psychic Readings by Emerald Arrows

Psychic Readings by: Emerald Arrows

About Emerald Arrows

I am trained in Psychic divination, an Intuitive, a Oracle and Tarot card Reader and I’m also very adept with Runes and Astrology readings. My gifts and talents have truly become a part of my identity and gives me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. I went through a series of tragic events without any guidance or even a friend to lean on in the beginning phases. I was shattered to my core, but through all of that, I rebuilt myself from the ground up and essentially I feel reborn with enhanced abilities. It’s so very important to have someone you can confined in and trust to get through the tough times. Born as a spiritually fierce intuitive Guide, I’m here for anyone who seeks my assistance. To be able to share my gifts and knowledge would be my pleasure.

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